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Balance of Terror
There were several scenes excluded from this episode. The first cut scene is an effects shot with dialog explaining to some degree why the Romulan ship is saucer shaped with protruding nacelles. It also explains Mr. Stiles reference to spies in the televised version of the script.
The attacking vessel can now be seen definitely to be some modified version of a starship saucer main section... but with the dark markings on its underside which suggests a bird-of-prey with half-spread wings. And centered there is a threatening-looking "weapon tube" device. We see it in full size only momentarily.. then it launches a torpedo-like bolt of blinding energy from the weapons tube.

You see it, Enterprise?! Starship design. Warn Earth...

... espionage, stolen our designs... traitors...

This next deleted scene shows the head technician sauntering back and forth observing the read outs on the control panels. The scene was most likely shortened to hasten the pace of the show.

This next sequence was to occur just before the Enterprise bridge scene when Rand enters and asks Kirk if she should continue making log entries.
It was probably cut because it slows the pacing of the episode and for time.


The Centurion lies on the Commander's couch - and we can tell he is badly injured. The Commander sits nearby, tending to him... The Commander gently lifts the Centurion's head, and tries to get him to drink a medicine. He tries, but turns from it, gagging with pain.

My chest. I cannot swallow.

The Commander looks worriedly at him - then lowers his head back onto the pillow-like armrest of the couch...

Decius approaches the Commander... His eyes glitter and he bows with eager respectfulness.

Commander, I know now why you were honored with leadership!
Our mission is all we hoped! The Praetor will be pleased!

(looks up at him - coldly)
His joy warms my life.

How they tried to flee! - like a
field creature from a hunting bird. A happy sight --

May your Praetor have his wish then. Death!

The Commander whirls, dismisses Decius with a scornful gesture. The young officer's face freezes hard.
He bows curtly, turns on his heels to exit...

Painfully, his breath rasping in his throat, the Centurion reaches out for the Commander's arm.

(weak whisper)
Be wise, good friend... see the danger where it lies.


The Centurion is suddenly gripped with pain... gritting his teeth not to show his anguish.

Gently, the Commander tries to comfort him.

This next cut scene is towards the end of the episode with Kirk saluting the Romulan commander.

Just before the Romulan Commander destroys his ship, Kirk salutes him.

The Commander responds with a stiffly-precise small bow.

From this point the episode continues on as televised.

There are several other interesting behind the scenes aspects to this episode. When filming it is sometimes wise to shoot a safety take. A “Safety” is an additional take, done after a successful take, as a backup. The take which was used showing Nimoy in the phaser room is rife with purple smoke and could have easily obscured the action of the scene.

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If after viewing the footage it was discovered that the scene was unusable, it would be very expensive to re-shoot the scene as the set may have already
been dismantled, the cost of overtime for the crew, putting the production behind schedule, etc. With this as a possibility a safety is shot. The safety scene shows the same action, but without the purple smoke. The smoke could be added later as a double exposure, an inexpensive effect if the the scene warranted it.

Its interesting that the Enterprise's interior set design for the bridge uses a color palette of mostly additive colors; red, green and blue, whereas the Romulan ship uses mostly the subtractive colors of cyan, magenta and yellow.

What is interesting about the Romulan dialog is its cadence, which is almost poetic when spoken.


Thanks to Dave T. for the Balance of Terrorclips.
Thanks to Christopher B.for the Kirk saluting scene, and the additional scenes including the commander bowing and the safety phaser room scene.
Thanks to David E. for the script excerpts.

More deleted scenes.

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